JB- Manager, Customer Service"Thanks"

​ -Ana Gonzalez has been a model employee. She has taken on a high level of  responsibility in our operations, and has become 'Irreplaceable' Best Hiring Agency in Town

 WT- Senior Supervisor, Traffic/ Warehouse Dept  "Thanks"

 - I want to let you know that I called for some Temp employees today and  I  talked with Mandy at 8:10pm. I told Mandy that i needed 8 temps and  she  provided me with 8  names. Out of the 8 temps that i requested, 9  showed  up. Mandy was very professional and made every attempt to  fulfill my  order. If this is the type of service that AMR provides, kudos to  AMR. I  would gladly recommend AMR to anyone that i know that is  interested in  using a staffing agency. I hope I can influence other  departments to try to  use your agency when  needed.

 DM- Tech Support Manager  "Thanks"

​ -Sean is doing well and coming along fine. He is intent on learning as much as he can. We appreciate your commitment into finding us the best qualified personnel out  there. Temp Agencies near me at the job fair where is the best hiring agency

AMR Inc., embodies the true spirit of corporate and social responsibility. These key principles resonate through our culture and the values we share as an organization. Inherently, we seek to improve the quality of life for our employees, their families, their communities and society at large. We welcome every opportunity to advance the common good for all. As a valued member of the Bellflower Chamber of Commerce, we participate in our communities events, charities, and often share our resources to help our community grow as one.

Established in 1995, AMR Inc. has helped Hundreds of Thousands of People find the right Jobs everyday. Partnered with the Best Employers in the Industry, we strive in our attention to detail, our state of the art Matching System and our Employee Safety Guidelines.

Join us Now and see it for yourself, let us help you find the local jobs hiring near you. Welcome to our Family.

Family is Important, that is why AMR is dedicated to Help our Clients and Job seekers save time. So You can spend it with who really matters.


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 JS- General Manager  "Thanks for your continued support"

​ -We like and will continue to use AMR because of your quick response,  courteous personnel and professionalism. You make the selection process  easy.

 R- Customer Service Manager

​ -I love the great service that you have always given to me. I don't have time to write a letter, I'm just too busy. But know that I couldn't be happier with you and the company you work for.